Complete Automotive Campaigns for as Little as $1000!

We've been doing this for 25 years! No other Automotive Advertising Agency can provide the creativity and track record that we do. Now you can purchase campaigns for as little as $1000. Most campaigns include:

  • TV commercial produced to your specs in English and Spanish.
  • Print ads
  • Radio commercials
  • Banners, buttons and websites are also available.

Take a look at our campaigns and then give us a call at 866-872-3197 or order online. We're ready to go to work for you!

« Ma and Pa Campaign

Ma & Pa has aired in over 100 markets in the US. This "down home" couple has sold more cars than you can shake a stick at.

« has generated thousands of sales leads for our customers through out the western United States via buyers who have filled out an automotive loan application online. There¹s no better lead than that. Our dealers consistently close 8% to 12% of the leads they receive from

« Friendship Campaign

Our most popular campaign, Friendship has aired in over 200 markets in the US, Canada and Australia. The Friendship Campaign will brand your dealership as the best place to buy a car or truck.

« Green Tag Campaign

Can a green tag so down on his luck that he's begging for change at a bus stop increase your sales? Green Tag is one of most successful campaigns and is a proven winner with our clients.

« Big Red Campaign

Big Red is our newest campaign. If Broonhilda and Little Red Riding Hood don't get your attention what will?

« Zoom Credit

Zoom Credit has created tens of thousands of sales leads for our Auto, Lender, Credit Card and debt settlement clients nationwide. We air commercials on TV and Radio in every US market to drive applicants to the website. Once the applicant has completed a form requesting a service we send that lead to one of our qualified clients. If you're interested in joining the ZoomCredit network or just want to find out more give us a call at 866-872-3197.

Take A Look at Some of Our Newest Campaigns


Why does all automotive advertising look the same? Doesn’t creativity have an impact on the effectiveness of your automotive advertising?  What do today’s customers do when they see an automotive ad on TV?

The above questions are critical to your success as an automotive dealer. It’s a new world out there. The Internet has dramatically changed consumer-buying habits. It’s important to keep up and stay competitive. can show you how to change your automotive advertising campaign strategy.

Lets take each question one at a time.

Why does all automotive advertising look the same? The easy answer is money. Dealers can’t afford to create the same slick advertising that the national brands do. It’s probably true that your entire advertising budget for an entire quarter wouldn’t pay for the production of one national quality campaign. has overcome that problem by creating highly creative, high quality and, in most cases, very funny automotive advertising commercials and campaigns. Our automotive campaigns are designed to break through the clutter of “screamer” automotive advertising that most consumers are used to seeing. Believe me when I tell you that when someone sees Broonhilde singing, or a green tag begging for change or a nerd on a bike built for two or Junior selling a used car they’ll remember the commercial. Even more importantly they’ll remember your dealership.

What do today’s customers do when they see an automotive ad on TV? Recent studies have shown that over 80% of all buyers use the Internet at some point before the process of buying a vehicle is complete. How does this affect your automotive advertising strategy? believes you now have to treat all your advertising campaigns like a direct response campaign. Every commercial has to have a call to action that directs the buyer to your website. All of our automotive campaigns come complete with a website that reflects the message, pricing and images seen on the TV commercial. Big Red and Green Tag are two great examples of automotive advertising campaigns that come with a website. is another of our web focused automotive advertising campaigns that is generating thousands of leads for dealers across the US. has been in automotive advertising for over 25 years. Our campaigns have aired in over 200 markets in the US, Canada and Australia. So, why haven’t you heard of an automotive advertising agency, like, that’s been so successful? The biggest reason is that our name used to be AutoNation. AutoNation, the mega dealer, purchased our name from us over 10 years ago. Since that time we’ve been focusing on the Internet. Way back in 1995 we knew that was where things were going and we wanted to be great at it. Now we are. For the last ten years we’ve been growing our automotive web assets like the Luxury Car Network and

We know the Internet better than any other automotive advertising agency out there. Let us use our web savvy and our excellent creative skills to create automotive advertising campaigns that work for your dealership. Call us at 866-872-3197 or go to our contact page to find out how we can increase sales at your dealership.

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